Two years of hardwork had led us to this match: Dravid

Team India coach Rahul Dravid has finally opened up about the remarkable journey that led the Indian cricket team to the final of the World Test Championship (WTC).

With two years of dedicated hard work and numerous ups and downs, the team’s relentless efforts have finally brought them to the pinnacle of the game.

Reflecting on his experience as a coach, Dravid shared his delight in working with a fantastic group of players, forging strong relationships, and witnessing the growth of both seasoned and young talents.

Speaking exclusively to Star Sports on ‘Follow the Blues’, Dravid spoke on the efforts taken by the team to reach the final of the World Test Championship and said: “It’s exciting for all the players to be playing this game again. I think it’s been two years of hard work which has led to this, the one match you got to play. Two years of cricket, includes lots of test series, and things need to go your way. So lot of ups and downs through the course of the season and then to be able to get the opportunity to play this game, I think it’s certainly well-deserved and the boys have certainly earned it.”

Commenting on his experiences of coaching the Indian side and how his journey has been, he said: “Yeah it’s been great fun and I have enjoyed it and it’s a really great bunch of guys to work with and build some really good relationships with a lot of the players. It really nice to be part of their journeys and very different people at different stages in their careers as well. We have got some experienced players, we’ve got a lot of younger players coming through as well over the course of last 18 months.”

”We had to use a lot of players because of three different formats and amount of cricket India plays. There are lot of players coming in and out of our system, it’s been really exciting and a great learning experience for me as well. In the course of these 18 months, I have learnt a lot as well about myself as a person and just about coaching as well, So, yeah something I thoroughly enjoyed,” he added.

Notably, the Rohit Sharma-led Indian team will take on the Pat Cummins-led Australia in the marquee clash at The Oval in London from today (June 7).

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