IPL 2020: Wadia calls for optimal use of technology

The Indian Premier League clash between Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab went to the Super Over. The news of the Delhi Capitals exciting win and a superb Super Over by Kasigo Rabada is lost in the din of an umpiring error.

But for an erroneous call for a short run the match would have been decided in the regulation period in favour of the Kings XI Punjab.

The Kings XI Punjab is furious about the umpiring error. After lodging an official complaint, which obviously cannot have a bearing on the output of the match now, KXIP c0-owner Ness Wadia has now called for the optimal use of technology in the IPL.

The controversy has erupted after television replays showed that field umpire Nitin Menon had signalled a short run while television replays later showed that the bottom edge of the toe of the Chris Jordan’s bat had crossed the crease. The drama unf0lded in the 19th over bowled by Rabada.


“It is exceedingly unfortunate that today with tremendous use of technology, we still do not use technology to ensure the total fairness and transparency in cricket game like several other leagues across the world including EPL, NBA, etc,” Wadia said in a statement to PTI.

“I would request BCCI to ensure better umpiring and to ensure henceforth that technology is used to the maximum so as to ensure fairness and transparency in a game which is used across the best leagues in the world.”

The short-run call was not reversed despite technological evidence that it was a wrong call.

Mayank Agarwal thrashed 12 runs off the first three balls of the final over as the team needed 13 to win. KXIP lost two wickets off the next three, including that of Agarwal, without getting another run. The scores remained tied at the end of the stipulated 20 overs.

KXIP had lost momentum. They lost two wickets for as many runs in the super overs and Delhi Capitals cruised home with utmost comfort.

Wadia is now advocating that the “short-run” decision should have been reversed with via video-assisted refereeing.

“VAR has become something which is used across the world. The game of yesterday in question between Kings XI and Delhi had two umpiring mistakes which cost KXIP the game,” Wadia told the agency.

“The first came in the first few overs of the match where a leg bye went for four and it was given as leg bye by the umpire but it was actually a wide ball. That one run would have helped Kings XI win the game versus losing.

“The second disastrous decision came at the end of the game in the last couple of overs, when a run was deemed as not being a run even though TV replays showed that it had been a run. Unfortunately, these two decisions cost Kings XI the game.”

He is optimistic that the BCCI will amend the rules to address the issue.

Since umpires are not allowed to come in the line of the batting crease and the static mid-wicket cameras, they lose a slight advantage in getting the right line calls. While they can take assistance from the TV umpire for run out decisions, the practice is not in place to call the short run.

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