Esports Business: Astralis to sell “es3tag” Hansen to Cloud9

Esports leading brand Astralis and the US professional esports organisation have agreed to their terms of transfer for Patrick “es3tag” Hansen. The deal will see Patrick “es3tag” Hansen being transferred from Astralis to Cloud9.

The transfer will be effective after DH Open Fall, stated a Press release.

Astralis Group Chief Executive Anders Hørsholt said the company will miss Patrick, but the decision is taken in the interest of the ace gamer. “This is not something we saw coming when we signed Patrick only four months ago, but player transfers will always be a part of the game. We will not be commenting on any specifics around this agreement, but I do believe it is one of the biggest transfers on record and the conditions offered to Patrick are also of a kind, he wanted to pursue,” said Hørsholt.

“We have an obligation towards our own business and towards the player and as such we are pleased to have finalized this agreement with Cloud9. As a player and as a professional, Patrick will be missed by everybody here, and I hope one day, he will yet again be a part of Astralis. We wish him the best of luck!”

Paatrick “es3tag” Hansen takes pride in his past with Astralis, while remains upbeat about his future with Cloud 9. “Things have gone extremely fast. I am proud to represent Astralis, I love the fans and I never for a second thought, I would be move on to a different team this early. I just won my first big title and I truly enjoy working with all the guys on and around the team. Over the past 6 months, I have grown as a person and a player, and I owe a lot to the organization,” said Hensen.

“That being said, what Cloud9 is offering me is something I needed to consider seriously. I love the ideas behind the project, and I believe it will be a team to consider in the top of CS for the years to come. While I am sad to leave Astralis and all the people here, I look forward to the challenge in Cloud9. Thanks to the fans for the massive support they have shown me, I will always have Astralis and the fans very close to my heart!”

“Needless to say, the timing is not optimal, but player transfers are a part of the game and I wish Patrick only the very best. I have worked with him twice now, and he is a stand-up guy and a rare professional, who understands what it takes and who will always work his hardest for himself and his teammates,” added Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports at Astralis Group:

“The transfer leaves an open spot but having Andreas “Xyp9x” back leaves us with 6 of the best players in the world. Having worked and gained a lot of experience with a 6-man set-up, it is obvious that this is something Danny, our coach, is comfortable with, and we are in no rush to increase the roster short term. Possible future transfers and securing consistency in the overall performance might mean we will have 5 or 7 players in shorter periods, though, but this is not a part of the plans right now.

“Ultimately, we are working towards a full 2-team roster with 10 players like the set-up we have in League of Legends. This is something we will present at a later stage, right now I just want to thank Patrick for his time and hard work and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Astralis and Cloud9 have agreed not to discuss further financial details of the agreement.

Danish Esports organization Astralis is best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, teams representative games like FIFA and the League of Legends. Astralis’ parent company, the Astralis Group has previously managed Origen and Future F.C. before the merger of all teams under the Astralis brand.

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