Esports: Astralis Group to unite under Astralis brand

Astralis Group will merge all the organization’s activities and teams into one globally recognized brand Astralis. The move is aimed at positioning the brand as an esports global leader.

Being the most successful counter-strike team of all times, Astralis is already one of the most iconic brands in esports and with the inclusion of Astralis Group’s League of Legends team (previously Origen) and FIFA roster (Future FC), stated a Press release.

Astralis positions itself as one of the biggest esports brands in Europe and a major global player.

Anders Horsholt, CEO of Astralis Group, said: “Through the merger of all activities and our team brands, we position ourselves as leading in international esports. Already today, the Red Star is iconic in the esports scene and we have made the strategic decision to dedicate all resources to creating a truly global brand in esports and gaming. Digitally, physically and team-wise, all our future activities will be done in the Astralis name and based upon the same values that characterize the organization.

“Over the past couple of years all our brands have grown in terms of fans and viewers, but especially the Astralis brand stands out as very strong and recognizable beyond the core esports scene. By merging all activities not only do we become one of the most significant esports brands in a fast-growing global industry, but we will also be able to create a new space for fans of all kinds with much more on the shelves when it comes to merchandise, media activities and new fan-related products.”

Astralis is known for always seeking to progress and being a global pioneer when it comes to advocating a positive, balanced lifestyle. This will still be the case across all teams and activities.

Horsholt further added, “We are investing significantly in this to elevate everything around our teams. From the way we work with the individual players and teams, the culture of the organization and what we offer to fans and our other stakeholders. We want to champion the positive potential of gaming through example by providing a guiding star for aspiring gamers worldwide.

“Ultimately we want to be a contender for the title in all tournaments our teams participate and we want to do it the Astralis way by pushing not only our own potential but that of esports and gaming in general, Horsholt concludes.”

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